Perio - Charting Toolbar

The Charting Toolbar allows the user to enter in details pertaining to the perio visit. These details are important as they keep the database organized and maintained. 


  • Incident: By default, the Incident will be set to the most recent incident by incident date. Select a new incident from the menu to change the associated incident.
  • Provider: By default, the Provider will be set to the patient's default Provider in Patient > Provider. Select a new provider from the Provider menu to change the associated provider.
  • Hygienist: By default, the Hygienist will be set to the patient's preferred Hygienist as set in Patients > Preferred Hygienist. Select a new hygienist from the Hygienist menu to change the associated hygienist. The Hygienist menu may also be set to None.
  • Visit Name: By default, the Visit name will be 'Hygiene Record,' however you may enter any name in the text field. The name entered will display in the Ledger sidebar within the Perio Chart node and within the Clinical Tab
  • Visit Date: By default, the Visit Date will be set to the date on which the Perio Chart was created. This date can be backdated if needed. 
  • Lock Record: Click the Lock icon to lock the Perio Chart. This will ensure that no future changes are made to the perio chart. This should be done immediately after the record is complete. 
  • Notation Point Percentages: To the left of the Perio Charting Toolbar, the Notation Point Percentages display the automatically calculated current percentages of pockets with positive findings for that notation point. For example, an adult mouth with bleeding on each surface of the upper central incisor would have 1% Bleeding. Calculated Notation Point Percentages include Bleeding, Suppuration, Plaque, and Calculus.
  • Zoom: The Zoom slider sets the size of the Perio Chart within Perio View. The screen will follow the input order keeping the current tooth in focus. 
  • Charting Options : The Charting Options allow you to customize the visual display and input order of the patient's Perio Chart.
  • Full Screen: The Full Screen View button allows you to set Perio View in Full Screen mode, hiding the toolbar, the sidebar, and the dock. Click the Full Screen View button again to return to the main window. 
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