Perio - Perio Chart

The Perio Chart displays tooth graphics along with Perio data cells in which a patient's unique notation points are documented. Data is added to the Perio Chart progressively in the manner established by the Notation Points Settings (individual teeth, pocket, and mandibular/maxillary variables) and Perio Chart settings (progression, visual elements, Input Order, and lingual orientation.)

The Perio Chart displays the teeth graphics along with the data cells for each Notation Point, such as Gingival Margin, Probing Depth, Bleeding, and so on. While the Notation Points are independently documented in the manner established by the Notation Point and Perio Chart settings, some of the Notation Points are clinically dependent on one and other and will thus automatically calculate as data is entered. For example, as you document the Gingival Margin, Clinical Attachment Loss will automatically calculate. Clinical Attachment Loss will further adjust as Probing Depth is calculated. Clinical Attachment Loss is calculated by adding the Gingival Margin and the Probing Depth.

The Perio Chart displays restorations and Notation Point values visually. The color is representative of the depths. Deeper probing depths and gingival margin values will be red, with shallower probing depths and margin values showing up green. Restorations from the Restorative Charting Ability may also display, depending on the Perio Charting Settings.

Note: The Gingival Margin is a wide bar with the Probing Depth as a narrow bar while the Probing Depth will stack on top of the Gingival Margin if both are present.

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