Managers - Charting Code Map - Mapping Additional Fee Schedules

When charting past procedures within the Patient Chart in the Charting ability, procedures or materials that are not generally used may not be existing codes within the current Fee Schedule. A separate Fee Schedule can be created with mapped codes for the procedures beyond what the office would generally perform. When charting past procedures in the Patient Chart node, this Fee Schedule could be used to add the necessary codes. This process will maintain a Fee Schedule that is distinctly applicable to the office's actual procedures, but allow for the accurate charting of past procedures and materials with a second Fee Schedule.

For example, an office that does not perform Amalgam restorations may not have an Amalgam code in the Fee Schedule. When attempting to chart a two surface Amalgam restoration, the Charting Options Menu indicates that the option is Not available.

By using a Fee Schedule created specifically for possible past procedures rather than codes that are actually performed, the codes can be mapped in the Charting Code Map without adding the codes to the procedural Fee Schedule. In the Fee Schedule used below, a code has been mapped in the Charting Code Map under Surface Restoration -> Amalgam -> Two Surfaces. When the Fee Schedule is selected in the Charting options menu, the Amalgam can be charted.

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