Managers - Charting Code Map - Deleting Codes

If a code has been updated, first add the new code to the subcategory by dragging the code into the category. After the code has been added, delete the old code by highlighting the code and selecting the Delete key from the keyboard.

Click the OK button to confirm deletion of the code. The code will remain in the Fee Schedule, but will not be chartable through the Charting Options Menu in the Charting ability.

If the only code in a subcategory needs to be deleted and is not replaced, note that deleting the only code within a subcategory will result in the deletion of the entire subcategory.

If the lost subcategory needs to be replaced, the Charting Code Map will need to be restored to the default setting. All of the modifications made to the Charting Code Map will be lost. If this process is necessary, it may be beneficial to notate the current codes within the individual charting subcategories prior to restoring.

To restore the Charting Code Map, select the Restore to Default button. This will remove all of the modifications made to the Charting Code Map. Click the Restore button on the resulting prompt to confirm.

After restoring the Charting Code Map, the subcategory will be replaced. All of the appropriate Charting Code Map modifications to all of the subcategories can then also be re-applied.

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