Managers - Charting Code Map - Categories and Subcategories

The Charting Code Map is organized into main Charting categories which relate directly to nodes in the Charting Options Menu. The main Charting Map Categories are:
  • Exam & Radiology
  • Crowns
  • Sealants
  • Root Canal
  • Implant Service
  • Bridge/FPD
  • Extraction
  • RPD
  • Surface Restoration
  • Posts & Core
Each of the categories contain different subcategories that relate to the options determined by the type of procedure. For example, the Crowns category can be divided into subcategories that apply to the level of the procedure such as Full, 3/4, Provisional, Prefab, and Temp. Codes. These subcategories are further divided into the types of material that may be used to perform the procedures. For example, a 3/4 Crown could be performed with Resin, Cast High Noble, Cast Pred. Base, Cast Noble, or Porcelain/Ceramic.

These subcategories are options within the Charting Options Menu. Mapping a Fee Schedule's code within Crowns -> 3/4 -> Cast Pred. Base would make this code chartable for this Fee Schedule by selecting Crowns -> 3/4 -> Cast Pred. Base in the Charting Options Menu.
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