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The Charting Code Map is organized into charting categories from the Charting Options Menu in the Charting ability. To place a code within a category, drag codes from the Fee Schedule Code list into the category.

Codes that are listed in black have yet to be mapped, while codes in blue are already mapped.

Adding a code to the Sealants category would make it possible to apply this code through the Sealants node of the Charting Options Menu in the Charting ability. To add the code, select the Sealant category from the Charting Code Map and drag the code to the panel next to the Sealant category.

Each of the categories can be further divided into subcategories in the same way that folders on a computer can be used to further organize main folders. This creates paths to the codes, which are mapped to the Charting Options Menu.

Adding codes to the Anterior Only and Posterior Only subcategories in the Charting Code Map should be handled with care.
Once a code has been added to a subcategory, the subcategory is established within the Charting Code Map. Established subcategories need to have at least one code in order to remain subcategories. Deleting the last code from the subcategory would result in the deletion of the subcategory itself.

If the only code within a subcategory would need to be deleted, the entire subcategory will be deleted.
For more information on the process for deleting codes or Anterior and Posterior codes in the Charting Code Map, see Deleting Codes or Anterior and Posterior Codes.

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