Dental - Charting Past Work

There are two methods of charting past work.

  1. The Patient Chart in the sidebar is designed to chart past work, without it showing on the ledger. You may enter work here that was done by your office as well as work that was completed elsewhere. 
  2. Many offices want to differentiate between their past work and other offices' work. In this case, use the Patient Chart to enter the work outside of your office. Use the following method to enter your work, without adding these as new charges to be billed. 

Charting work that was completed in the office before MacPractice was implemented will require the use of a new incident within the patient's dental chart. Click the Incidents menu and select New Incident. This will create a new incident in the patient's sidebar. MacPractice will prompt asking for an incident name. Enter in a title of Work Completed Before MacPractice. 

Once the incident has been created, select the Completed Procedures and click on the graph icon to switch to the ledger view. Select the charges menu and click New Charge. The Charge Window will allow the user to select the Non-Production Fee Schedule from the first drop down box. Enter in the Procedure Date and move to the code box. Enter in the code or use the search button to find the correct procedure. Many charges will need a Tooth and a Surface value in order to appear graphically in the patient's chart. To add multiple procedures at a time, click the green plus button near the procedure table at the bottom of the window.

Once entered, switch back to the Graphical View by clicking the tooth icon. Notice that the chartings are displayed with a green outline to notate that the work was completed in the office. The Clinical Notes Table will also display the procedures with the correct date and tooth information. 

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