How do you create a Non-Production Fee Schedule

In order to enter previous charting work without affecting current production, a duplicate of the current production fee schedule will be created as a Non-Production Fee Schedule. The Non-Production Fee Schedule will have non-production valued $0.00 fees for each of the procedure codes. Each of the procedure codes can also be set to Patient Responsible to prevent the non-production codes from appearing on claims. This is an essential step if the New Claim Manager is part of the office workflow.

To create a Non-Production Fee Schedule, first duplicate the existing fee schedule form the Fee Schedule node in the References ability. This new Non-Production Fee Schedule should be renamed so as not to be unintentionally mistaken for a production Fee Schedule.

Each of the non-production fees should be set to a non-production value of $0.00. This can be done in bulk with the Raise/Lower Fee Schedule by % Database Utility in the Managers ability of the Server computer. Select the Database Utilities node and followed by Raise/Lower Fee Schedule by % from the list of Database Utilities.

  • Set the first pop-up button to Lower and select the Non-production fee schedule from the second.
  • In the Lower by: field, enter 100.000.
  • Click the Go button to run the utility and lower the fees by 100%.
  • Create a backup and log out all terminals.

The fees within the Non-Production Fee Schedule can also be set to Patient Responsible in order to prevent the fees from accidentally appearing on any claims. This optional step is essential if the New Claims Manager is used to create claims. Select the Non-Production Fee Schedule from the References Ability. Select each fee individually and check the Patient Responsible checkbox. This step will prevent the Non-Production Fees from unintentionally appearing on any new claims when the New Claims Manager is used.
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