Charting Menu - Surface Restoration

The Charting Menu can be accessed by right clicking on a tooth within the patients chart. Notice that the tooth will be highlighted to confirm that the correct selection was made. The charting menu will act as the platform for entering any procedures or annotations to the patient's record. Before using the charting menu, select the correct view within the dental tab. Procedures that were completed outside of the office should be recorded in the Patient Chart. Procedures completed in the office should be charted within the Completed Procedures. Items that are planned for the future should be recorded under the treatment plan chart.

Navigate to the Surface Restoration node within the charting menu. Ensure that the correct Fee Schedule, Provider, and Tooth have been selected before choosing surfaces and materials. 

The graphical representation of the tooth is used to display and select the surfaces that are being restored. Simply check the boxes below the image to highlight the selected surface on the tooth. The surface itself can be selected on the tooth to check the corresponding boxes. If needed, use the radio buttons to switch the tooth view between Facial, Occlusal, and Lingual. All of the surfaces can be quickly selected or deselected by using the buttons below the checkboxes. 

Once all of the surfaces have been selected, select the material or type of restoration. Notice that as a material is chosen the graphic display will change to update the color. Continue though the selections on the right of the menu. The available materials for any procedure as well as whether the code is an Inlay or Onlay code, will be determined by the mapping of the selected Fee Schedule in the Charting Code Map. Notice that as each selection is made, the details at the bottom of the screen are updated to show what will be placed on the patient's chart. 

Every once in a while, a surface restoration and material might have multiple procedure codes to choose between. MacPractice allows the user to select the correct procedure from this window by clicking and holding on a button within this panel. If multiple procedures are available for a material, MacPractice will display the options in the form of a drop down. Simply select the correct code from the list to see the updated details. Click OK to add this procedure to the patient's chart. 

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