Charting Menu - Extraction

The Charting Menu can be accessed by right clicking on a tooth within the patients chart. Notice that the tooth will be highlighted to confirm that the correct selection was made. The charting menu will act as the platform for entering any procedures or annotations to the patient's record. Before using the charting menu, select the correct view within the dental tab. Procedures that were completed outside of the office should be recorded in the Patient Chart. Procedures completed in the office should be charted within the Completed Procedures. Items that are planned for the future should be recorded under the treatment plan chart.

The Extraction option in the Charting Options Menu displays all extraction codes in the selected Fee Schedule. The codes that are showing in this menu will depend on the Charting Code Map. Select the correct extraction code and click the Ok button.

Selecting an extraction code for any tooth will remove the tooth graphic from the patient's chart and the EXT flag will be placed underneath the tooth number. A colored X can be displayed on the tooth to identify if the extractions was completed outside of the office, completed in the office, or treatment planned for the future. This feature must be enabled through the charting option menu



Extracting a Supernumerary
Sometimes a Supernumerary will need to be extracted from the patient. A supernumerary must be added to the patient's chart by using the Supernumerary node in the charting menu. Once this supernumerary has been added, right click on the tooth and navigate to the extraction node. Simply check the box notating that the supernumerary is being extracted and complete the rest of the extraction steps above. 

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