Dental - DR Ribbon

Restorative Charting has a build DR Ribbon that will display the patient's Digital Radiography images. Digital Radiography can be added to office serial if it has not yet been activated. DR images can associated to a tooth number by a DR layout or manually in the DR ability. When a image is associated to a tooth, the tooth number will be inverted similar to a radiograph. 
Click on the DR icon to switch between the Clinical Note Table and the DR Ribbon. By default, MacPractice will filter the DR images to the most recent visit. This can be adjusted in the right corner of the DR Ribbon. Set the image view to All Imaging Visits to see all the DR images that are on the patient's chart. 

Notice that if No Tooth is selected, MacPractice will display all of the available images. Select a tooth or multiple teeth in the chart to see only the images that are tied to those unique teeth. A user can also manually move through the tooth images by selecting the arrow buttons next to the tooth number in the DR Ribbon. 
Select the image once and press the spacebar on the keyboard to see a larger preview of the image. The user can move into the DR ability to see the visit by double clicking on a DR image. The Charting Menu also has a line that will allow the user to view the DR image if the ribbon is not good for the office workflow.
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