Schedule - Creating a New Patient On the Fly

You can create a new Account on the fly from the Schedule when creating a new appointment.

First, with no patient selected, schedule an appointment by clicking and dragging over the desired appointment time on the Schedule as normal. This will bring up the Appointment Detail window.


From here, type in the Last Name and First Name of the patient, then press the Tab key on your keyboard. This will bring up the Search Window.


From here, your workflow depends on the situation.

Creating a new Patient for a new Account

In the Search Window, any potential matches for the name you entered will be displayed in the database. If the patient is not present and should have a new Account, check the Create New Patient in the lower left corner of the window, then click the Save button. The appointment will be saved, and the patient will be added to your database as a new account.

Creating a new Patient for an existing Account

If this patient should be under an existing account (for example, a new child for an existing family account), be sure the Create New Patient checkbox is selected, then click the Add to Existing Account button. A new search window will appear, displaying any patients with similar names (this list will include deleted and archived patients). Select the account you wish to add the patient to, then click OK.

In both scenarios, by default, the patient's name will also be saved in the Primary tab. Please note that creating a new patient from scheduling use uses the provider assigned on the appointment detail window rather than the default patient's Account Default Provider.

You can always edit the patient's details from the Advanced View of the Appointment Detail window. 


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