Schedule - Create a New Account

You can create a new Account on the fly from the Schedule when creating a new appointment.

First, with no patient selected, schedule an appointment. With the "Bring up 'Appointment Detail' window after creating appointment" preference enabled in Preferences > Scheduling > Appointments, this will bring up the Appointment Detail window.


From here, type in the Last Name and First Name of the patient, then press the Tab key on your keyboard. This will bring up the Search Window.


When the search window appears from this workflow, it will first check to see if any similar patients are in the database. If not, check Create New Patient in the lower left corner, then click Save. The appointment will be saved, and the patient will be added to your database as a new account. By default, the patient's name will also be saved in the Primary tab. Please note that creating a new patient from scheduling use uses the provider assigned on the appointment sheet rather than the default patient's account default provider.


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