Schedule - Create an Appointment with No Patient Selected

When no patient is selected, you will be prompted to search for a patient before you can create an appointment. You can create an appointment block by clicking and dragging on a Resource column to create the appointment block. The Appointment Detail window will open, if you have "Bring up Appointment Detail window after creating an Appointment" checked in Preferences > Scheduling > Appointments.

(If the preference is unchecked, click and drag in the time and resource slot you wish to schedule. You will see a dark blue placeholder appear on the schedule. Click the big green plus sign in the upper left hand corner of the MacPractice window. The Appointment Detail window will appear and you can search for a patient's name.)

The Acct#, Last Name and First Name fields are all in red, indicating they are required. Enter whatever information you have for the patient. For example, if you know their MacPractice account number, you could enter that, or you could search by first and/or last name. After you have entered the search criteria, press Return on your keyboard. A search window will appear with your results. Select the patient's name, then click OK.

(If the patient's name does not appear, click Cancel to return to the previous screen, or check the Create New Patient checkbox to create a new patient record.)

After clicking OK, you will return to the Appointment Detail window, and the patient's information will be filled out. Enter appointment notes or make other changes, then click the Save button to close the Appointment Detail window and save the changes.

Overlapping Appointments
If the Preference to allow overlaps with appointments/block timeslots is checked, then any appointments that may be overlapped will appear with a red border around both appointments.
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