Schedule - Create an Appointment with a Patient Selected

When a patient is selected in MacPractice, any records you create, including appointments, will be associated to the patient.

The Patient Selector is the box above the sidebar in most MacPractice abilities. With a patient selected, the patient's name and account number will be displayed at the top of the MacPractice window. Their name, age, gender, and photo will also appear in the Patient Selector.


To create an appointment for the patient, select the correct date in the Small Calendar, then click and drag over the time of the appointment.


If you have "Bring up 'Appointment Detail' window after creating appointment" checked in Preferences > Schedule > Appointments, a new window will open after the appointment is created. It will display additional information about the appointment, including the patient name, DOB, phone numbers, type, status, and appointment provider. You can also enter a short note about the appointment in the Notes field.

If you make changes to the Appointment Detail window, click Save to return to the Schedule. Double-clicking on an appointment will bring up the Appointment Detail window again.

Overlapping Appointments
If the Preference to allow overlaps with appointments/block timeslots is checked, then any appointments that may be overlapped will appear with a red border around both appointments.

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    Mandi Lowe

    I would like to suggest that we have a little blurb about how to swap between overlapping appointments as well as it was not working properly in the past and it seems to be a point of confusion for some offices.

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    Brit Wolff

    A bigger gif of the workflow for a new appointment would be great! :)