Schedule - Appointment Display Node

Use the Appointment Display node to customize the appearance of your schedule. Choose colors to signify certain pertinent information, such as appointment status. Change the text that displays on each appointment to get the most out of your schedule space.  

Once appointment status and appointment types have been created, navigate to the appointment display node. Appointments are composed of five different areas that can be color-coded based on data points. For beginning offices it is recommend to use 2 colors, the first displaying the appointment status and the second displaying the appointment type. Once the areas have been set up, select area one near the top of your screen. The appointment statuses can have a color assigned to them by using the drop down box. The other option can be used to define a custom color such as Spring Green to catch your attention when a patient is checked in. After a color has been chosen for each status, select area 2 to define the colors for the appointment types.

After setting up the colors, navigate to the Text tab near the top of the screen. Select how you would like to see the patient’s name in the header of the appointment. The appointment text can be customized as well. Click the green plus to add a new line items to the appointment. Use the popup box to define the data point for each line item. The footer of the appointment should be customized as well to help display the most relevant information.

The size and color of the text can be changed in the appointment display bubble. It is highly recommended to outline your appointments to easily see where they begin and end.
The Appointment Display node is primarily used to configure how appointments appear through Colors and Text.
There are a few additional options at the bottom that determine how the schedule is displayed:

Background Colors:
  • Unavailable Times: Click the color box to set the color used to represent unavailable times for resources. Unavailable times are outside the hours set for the resource under the Resources node, such as lunches and after-hours
  • Hour Lines and Half Hour Lines: Click the color box to set the color used for hour and half hour increments on the schedule.

Appointment Display:

  • Font Size: Sets the size of the text used in appointment blocks
  • Text Color: Sets the appointment text to either black or white. White text will display over bold colors in the appointment block. Black text will display over slightly faded or pastel colors. This is a per-computer setting - if the colors on one computer do not match those displayed on another, check this setting.
  • Outline Appointment: This checkbox creates a black outline around all appointments.
  • Reset: This button resets the Appointment Display back to the default settings.
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