Schedule - Find Node

The Find node is used to search for open slots in the schedule.

Select Find in the sidebar of the Schedule and specify the filters in the upper half of the MacPractice window:

  • Resource: Select the resource(s) in which the appointment can be scheduled. For example, an appointment may be limited to a single doctor if the patient wants to schedule a check-up with their usual provider.
  • Transparencies: If the "Search in Transparencies only" checkbox is checked, the search will be limited to appointment slots within the selected transparencies. This is intended for a schedule setup using transparencies, with different transparencies denoting times for new patient appointments, urgent care, and so on.
  • Month/Day: Select the month(s) and day(s) the patient can come in for an appointment.
  • Morning/Afternoon: Check these checkboxes to automatically update the Start and End times to either the first half or second half of the day, based on the schedule's overall start and end times as defined in Preferences > Scheduling > Calendar.
  • Start/End: Select the earliest and latest time a patient is available for an appointment.
  • Time: Enter the amount of time, in minutes, the appointment will require.
  • Limit Search: The Limit Search Results to field restricts the list and only shows the first X open appointment slots that match the desired date and time. Click the Limit Search button to apply this restriction. Clicking the Start Search button will always display a complete list of open slots that match the search criteria, regardless of the value entered in the Limit Search field.
  • Start Search: Click this button to perform the search.

Upon completion, a list of available times that meet the search criteria will appear in the Search Results area. They will also appear in the sidebar by date.

Double-click a line, either in the Search Results or in the sidebar, to go to that time and date on the schedule. The patient's appointment can be created as usual.

Click the Print button at the bottom to print a list of the available times.

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