Schedule - Transparencies Setting Block Rules (7.3 and earlier)

Note: This article is relevant for MacPractice Builds 7.3 and earlier. We've revamped how Transparencies work in later builds of MacPractice Gen 10. Click here for a guide on the new workflow.

The Rules tab has 3 rules that can be applied to a given transparency block:

  • Allow Selected Procedures: This option allows only approved procedures to be listed in the Allowed Proc table. Click the green plus button and a search window with all codes across all fee schedules will appear. Choose the code(s) that should be allowed within the transparency block:

    When treatments are added to an appointment within the transparency, any disallowed procedures will prompt the following error:
  • Confirm Appointment Scheduling: Appointments scheduled on a transparency with this rule will prompt for confirmation. This may be useful for emergency or urgent care sections of the schedule.
  • Don't Schedule Appointments: This rule disallows any appointments from being scheduled over the transparency. Attempting to do so will result in the following alert:
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