Schedule - Calendar Node

The Calendar node displays the production calendar where appointment and production goals are viewed and tracked based on the production goals set in MacPractice Preferences. Schedule production can also be viewed by using the Scheduling Resource Report.

By default, the Calendar displays the current month. You can adjust the month by using the navigational strip at the bottom of the Calendar view, visible in the above screenshot.

Tracking Goals
The top right corner of this view displays three progress bars; Production, Resource Hours, and Appointments. These bars track progress for the month.
Each day with an appointment scheduled will also have these same three progress bars, reflecting the progress towards your daily goals.

The bars are color coded to indicate the progress towards meeting the goal. A red bar indicates that the office is less than halfway to the goal. Green indicates that the office is around halfway to the goal. Blue indicates that the office has reached the goal.

Production Progress Bars track all charges that would apply towards the period's production. The Monthly Production Bar in the upper right hand corner indicates the monthly goal progress, with the second number indicating the daily production goal multiplied by the number of days with at least one scheduled appointment.
Meanwhile, the Daily Production bars on individual days simply track the daily production.

  • If you are viewing production for days prior to the current date, Production is calculated by the total amount of charges for that procedure date.
  • If today, the production bar will track both charges and treatments with a procedure date of that day.
  • Future dates track treatment plan items tied to an appointment on that date. 

Resource Hours Bars track the total number of hours that have appointments scheduled, out of the total resource hours for the day or month.

Appointments Bars track the total number of appointments scheduled. The monthly appointments total is determined by multiplying the daily appointment goal by the number of days with at least one scheduled appointment. You can configure the Appointments goal in Preferences > Scheduling > Goals.

Each day will also display a Patients number, indicating the number of patients that have contributed to current or past production. For future days, this number tracks patients with scheduled treatment.
New patients added to the database will also be indicated.

Editing Daily Goals
You can edit Daily production goals by double-clicking on the Production bar for a selected day. The bar will change to a text field. Simply enter the new production goal and press return. The daily and monthly goals will be updated.

Each days' individual production goals can also be edited by right-clicking on the date:

This menu allows the day's production goal to be changed or removed completely. This menu also provides shortcuts to view the day's appointments in the drawer, or to navigate to the main schedule's appointments or transparencies.

To change default goals, you'll want to navigate to Preferences > Scheduling > Goals Tab.


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    Brit Wolff

    We will want to update the screenshot of the right click menu eventually. With the updates to Transparencies, the menu now says "Go To Transparency Blocks."