Schedule - Calendar Node Setting a Goal

To set scheduling goals for the Production Calendar, go to the MacPractice menu, select Preferences, select Scheduling in the sidebar, and click the Goals tab.


There are two different goals to set:

  • Daily Production Amount: The amount of production the office would like to achieve per day. This is a cumulative production goal for all resources, and will count any procedures entered with a procedure date on the selected day.
  • Number of Appointments: This is the total number of appointments that the office would like to be scheduled per day, across all resources.
Note: The goals set in Preferences will be used for all days by default, but goals can be overridden on a day-by-day basis if necessary.
Check "Hide Scheduling Goals" to hide the goal information from the Calendar view.
Close the Preferences window when done making changes - the settings will be saved automatically.
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