Schedule - Export to iCal

You can export your appointments to iCal from the Schedule Print window. Ensure you have the correct date range in the upper right corner of the window, then click Export to iCal in the lower right corner. You will see an alert, asking what you would like to export.
  • Cancel: Returns to the previous screen with no changes.
  • All Appointments: Export all appointments in the database to iCal.
  • Selected Appointments: Export all appointments in the selected date range for the selected resources in the Schedule Print window.
NOTE: Transparencies are not exported to iCal.
You will be prompted to name and save the file.
After clicking Save, iCal may automatically open the file to start the import process. If it does not, simply double-click the file to open.
Once you click the Save button, your iCal will open instantly, bringing up a new window, asking which calendar you would like to add the events to. MacPractice recommends setting up a unique calendar for each MacPractice Appointment Export, so that you can easily delete duplicate information.

Click OK after making your selection. The appointments will now show in your iCal.

MacPractice Support cannot assist with importing the file into iCal, beyond what is outlined in this guide. If the information does not import correctly, please contact Apple Support.
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