Kiosk - Setting up a Kiosk

MacPractice's Kiosk Mode allows a practice to use a computer to help patients fill out electronic forms designed in the EDR/EMR Ability. It presents a singular view where the user can only fill out an electronic form and prevent tampering with the computer.

This article covers how to set up a MacPractice computer in Kiosk Mode.

Adjusting System Settings

Before we set up a Kiosk User, we first recommend to double check a few system items before we begin.

First, you'll want to ensure that the MacPractice computer you intend on using as a Kiosk is running the same macOS version as the MacPractice computer that is sending the forms. 

You'll also want to review System Preferences, as there are a few ways to help prevent bypassing the Kiosk View. Specifically, you'll want to check:

  • In System Preferences > Accessibility > VoiceOver, you'll want to make sure the "Enable VoiceOver" checkbox is unchecked.
  • In System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts, you'll want to ensure that the vast majority of the shortcut checkboxes are unchecked to prevent a patient from accessing the computer's features beyond the Kiosk View.

Setting Up a Kiosk User and Kiosk Mode

In order to use Kiosk, you must first set up a Kiosk User. Once the Kiosk User logs in, MacPractice will enter Kiosk mode, which is designed to allow the patient access to a form that has been sent to the Kiosk Machine. 

To create a Kiosk User, you'll first navigate to the References Ability > Users. When you have the Users Node selected, click the Green Plus in the sidebar. You'll set up a User normally as indicated in this article here, then before saving, you'll want to ensure the "is Kiosk Machine User" checkbox is enabled.
Once you've set up a Kiosk User, you can easily enter Kiosk Mode by logging into MacPractice with that Kiosk User's credentials.
When a Kiosk User logs in, the entire Mac screen will contain this window. You'll need to enter the Kiosk User's login credentials again to exit.
Sending Forms to a Kiosk

Forms can be sent to any MacPractice computer in Kiosk Mode from any other MacPractice computer that's not in Kiosk Mode.

First, you'll need to generate a patient form for this patient. You can do this by first selecting the patient you wish to send a form to with the Patient Selector, then select the template in the EDR/EMR Sidebar. Click the Green Plus button within the sidebar. Repeat the process for all forms you'll want to send this patient. 
Once you have the forms, you can send a form by first clicking the Patient Forms node, selecting the Patient, then navigating to the EDR/EMR menu and click "Send Form to Kiosk Machine". This option is only available if a MacPractice computer is in Kiosk Mode on the office's network.

The Send to Kiosk Machine window allows you to select which Kiosk computer to send a form to, and what forms to send. The Kiosk Computer table will list all Kiosk computer names and their IP addresses.
To send Patient Forms, simply drag the forms from the EMR/EDR Sidebar to the Forms table in the window. Once you're satisfied with which forms you'd like to send, you can click the Send to Kiosk button to send the forms. 
If the forms do not appear immediately, you can click the Refresh button to re-load those sent forms on the Kiosk Computer.
If you want to remove a form, select the form in the Form Table at the lower left, and then press the Delete Key on your keyboard. You'll need to click the Refresh button afterwards to refresh the Kiosk Computer's status.
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