EMR & EDR - Custom Templates by MacPractice

The MacPractice Forms Department can create custom templates for your office by request. Contact MacPractice Support for further information on pricing and design options.

To install templates from an email on the desktop computers, follow these steps:

  1. Access the email with the attached template. Note that the template will be compressed into a zip file.

  2. Double-click the attached zip located in the email. The zip file will download to a temporary folder on your computer and a window will automatically open a window that contains the zip file and a folder of the same name.


  3. Double-click the folder or use the arrow to the left to view the contents of the folder.

  4. Double-click the template file to bring up the import prompt.

  5. You will then simply click ‘Import’ and the template will import into the database. Once complete, you can then access the template from any computer on your network with the MacPractice program installed and can begin testing or using the template for patient forms.

It is recommended to drag and drop the zip attachment from your email to your desktop, or a folder of your choice, or that you save the email containing the template in order to have the file in the event that it needs to be reimported for any reason.

Please note that while your forms are in a continued state of development it is our official recommendation that you not use these forms on any actual patients within your MacPractice database and rather only use them on "Test" patients until the project is completely finished. Not following this guideline could result in the loss of patient data which MacPractice cannot help you recover.


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