EMR & EDR Template Builder - Form Section Palette

The Form Section Palette is the main tool to create and modify Form Sections and Form Elements. The Form Section Palette contains four areas, which can be collapsed or expanded with the disclosure triangle on each area. The Form Section Palette opens when a Form Section is selected or created. To access the Form Section Palette manually, choose EMR/EDR > Toggle Palette.
The first area of the Form Section Palette is the Form Sections control, which sets the general attributes for the Form Section as a whole:

  • Name: Sets the name of the Form Section
  • Dimensions Popup: Sets the page dimensions
  • Height and Width: Sets the dimensions
  • Specialty: Sets the Specialty of the Form Section (through which Shared Forms are organized)
  • Note: Notes about the Form Section
  • Background: Sets a background image for the form
  • Grid: Displays the grid format on the Form Section
  • Margin Lines: Displays the Form Sections margin setting
  • Locked: Locks the Form Section from adjustment
  • Show Title: Displays the Form Section Name at the top of the section
  • Include on Narrative: Sets the section to display a narrative in patient forms
  • Set Tab Order: Sets a tabbing sequence (right to left, up, down, and so on)
The Inspector area is used to modify individual Form Elements within a Form Section. Each Form Element's Inspector has different options within General and Option tabs. The options within each Inspector are documented in the Form Elements section.
The Form Elements area contains a table of each of the Form Elements, which can be dragged to a Form Section. The Form Elements are tools that add text fields, check boxes, images, and so on to each form. Each of the Form Elements are documented in the Form Elements section of this topic.
The Pull Fields area of the Form Section Palette displays the list of pull fields available to use within Patient Forms.Pull Fields pull information from Patient Accounts. Each of the Pull Fields are documented in the Pull Fields section of this topic.
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