EMR & EDR - Navigation Menu

A list of the individual Form Sections within the Template can be found in the Navigation Menu within the right side of the MacPractice window. Click any form section in the Navigation Menu to find that form section on the template.

The Sections listed in the Navigation Menu will appear different depending on what settings are checked in the Form Section Palette for that section.

If "Show Title" is unchecked, the header for the section will not appear on the form, and the Section Name will be grayed out in the Navigation Menu.

If "Show Title" is checked, the header will appear, and the Section Name will appear in black.

"Show Title" will also impact the appearance of the checkboxes in the Navigation Menu. These checkboxes indicate whether the Section is included in the Navigation Menu when interacting with a patient form. This is the same option as "Include in Navigation" on the Form Section Palette. If "Show Title" is checked, this checkbox will appear in blue. If unchecked, the checkbox will appear in black.

For more information on using the Navigation Menu, see the Navigate Templates section.

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