EMR & EDR Template Builder Pull Fields - Account

Pull Fields pull information from the patient record to the patient form. Drag the pull field from the Pull Field section of the Form Section Palette to the Form Section and drag the resulting orange bounding box to edit the size. Click, hold, and drag the field to move it to another location.
A pull field can be set to a Dynamic Pull Field so that the information displayed on the patient form will dynamically reflect the current state of the data. For example, a Dynamic Pull Field for the patient's age would update on the patient's next birthday whereas a static pull field would always display the patient's age on the day on which the form was created.
Set a Pull Field to dynamic with the "Dynamic Pull Field" checkbox in the General tab of any pull field's Label Inspector.
Primary Person: The person within the Primary tab for this Account
Secondary Person: The person within the Secondary tab for this Account
Send Statements: The selected option within the Account tab under Where To Send Statements
Financial Status: The Financial Status set in the Financial Status menu of the Account tab
Flag Exempt Finance Charge: The Exempt Finance Charge checkbox in the Account tab
Flag Past Due: If Insurance estimating is turned on and the Finance Charge filter is on in Managers > Statement, it will pull the amount of days the account balance is past due.
Statement Message: Will pull statement message inserted in Patients > Account > Statement Information
Previous Account Num: The number within the Previous Account Numberfield in the Account tab
Percent Discount: The percentage amount within the Percent Discount (%)field in the Account tab
Office: The office set in the Office menu in the Account tab
Flag Ontimemsg: The One-time Message checkbox within the Account tab
Installment: The Installment Amount field in the Account tab
Account Alert Tie: Pull all of the account alert data inserted in Patients > Account > Account Alert
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