EMR & EDR Template Builder Element - Combo Box

The Combo Box Element creates lists or recalls References lists, like the popup button, with the additional functionality to capture manual entries within the list for future use.
Add a Combo Box to the Form by dragging the Combo Box from the Form Elements box in the Form Section Palette (EMR/EDR > Toggle Palette) to the Form Section. Click the block to edit the name, size, position, and special properties in the Inspector.

Within the Inspector, the General tab sets general attributes for the checkbox:
  • Name: The name of the Combo Box does not appear on the form
  • X and Y: The Combo Box position within the Form Section grid
  • Width and Height: The dimensions of the Combo Box
The Label Element can be used to apply a label to the Combo Box Element.
Within the Inspector, the Options tab sets customized information:
  • Reference: Sets the Reference from which Combo Box lists are pulled. (Family History, Sensitivities, and Social History pull from the EMR ability.)
  • Value: The items within the Reference list
  • Apply to Patient: Saves the selection to the Patient's account (where available)
Manually add information to the Combo Box with the plus key. The information that is listed first in the Value column will appear first in the Combo Box if '#1 item as default' is checked.
To import information, click the Import button. Text Wrangler is best suited to import information; other programs may not import properly.

To create a list, select the None Reference and click the plus button, then Double-click the line entry to rename the new value.
  • #1 item as default: Shows the first item within the list in the Combo Box button window as a default
  • Import: Text Wrangler is best suited to import information, other programs may not import properly
  • Abnormal checkbox: Sets the Abnormal Items color in a Patient Form as defined by Preferences > EMR/EDR > Others.
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