EMR & EDR Template Builder - Navigate Templates

EMR/EDR Templates downloaded from the Shared Forms node are used to create Patient EMR/EDR Forms. Select a Template from the sidebar to find general information in the Form Palette. A list of the individual Form Sections within the Template can be found in the Navigation Menu within the right side of the MacPractice window. Click any form section in the Navigation Menu to find that form section on the template.

Double-click the template name in the sidebar to focus the EMR/EDR Ability on only this form. This will narrow the Form Sections node to display only form sections that are on the form. A Form Section is modified through the Form Section Palette. For more information on modifying a form section, please see Form Sections.
To access all forms in another node, select the node followed by the Reload button. Repeat the process for other nodes to open multiple nodes, or hold the Option key and click Reload to reload every sidebar node in EMR/EDR at once.
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