EMR & EDR - Updating Care Slips and Forms for ICD 10

With the release of ICD10, your Care Slips will need to be updated to reflect the new information. Here you will find a quick and easy way to get your Care Slips properly updated.

  1. Go to References > Care Slip. From here you can you either duplicate and existing Care Slip or create a brand new one. This will be where you will want to enter in your ICD10 information. If you change the existing reference, it will change every instance in which that reference was ever used, and this is not ideal for accurate records. Click Here for a refresher on how to add a Care Slip Reference.
    Reminder: You can duplicate a selected item by choosing the Edit menu at the top of your screen and selecting Duplicate Record.
  2. Next, you will want to go to EMR/EDR and locate the Form that you want to update. Duplicate this form and rename it whatever you would like.
  3. In the Care Slip section on the new form, double click on the section.
  4. Duplicate the Care Slip Section, rename that section, then click on the Care Slip (when you do this, you will see orange boxes that highlight the Care Slip)

    Go to the EMR/EDR palette and drop down the Care Slip Inspector. Select the Options tab and change the Care Slip Reference to the new or duplicated Reference you have made.

  5. Finally, all you need to do is delete the old section from the New/Duplicated Form and drag in your new Section.
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