iPhone Interface - Getting Started

Before you begin the MacPractice iPhone Interface installation please note the following:

  • SSL IS REQUIRED TO USE THIS APPLICATION. See instructions for enabling SSL.
  • You need to know the computer's administrator's password for the MacPractice server. If there is no administrator password, you will need to create one.
  • Port 443 on your router must be open and forwarded to your server's internal IP address in order to use this application outside of your network
  • This application any subsequent updates MUST BE INSTALLED ON THE MACPRACTICE SERVER unless specified otherwise.
  • JavaScript must be enabled on your iPhone
  • PHP 5 or greater and Apache 2.2 or greater is required.
  • Before attempting to log in to your iPhone please review the Enabling PHP & SSL documentation.
  • When installing the iPhone application for the first time, please review the download and installation section of the documentation carefully. Please be sure you follow the instructions to the letter and also be sure you install everything in the correct order.
  • After a successful installation and login to the iPhone Interface, please setup your preferences on the iPhone.
Note: This application can be accessed from your iPod touch as well with an available Wi-Fi connection only. Any use of the word iPhone can be interchanged with iPod touch, except for use with the calling features.
Please be sure to read through all of this documentation before using the MacPractice iPhone Interface application so you understand what it does and how it works.
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