iPad Interface - Preferences

The iPad Interface comes with several preferences you can set. The preferences are based on each logged in user, so multiple users can access the iPad interface from the same iPad and have their own unique preferences configured.
NOTE: Preferences should be configured before using the application.

To access Preferences, tap the Preferences icon in the toolbar on the iPad interface.


General Preferences
If you would like to be automatically logged out of the interface after a period of inactivity, select the time perio from the Log Out menu. The application will not log out until you try and view a page.

Schedule Preferences
The Appointment Time Order menu allows you to sort your appointment list form the earlier appointment to the latest. By default the list is sorted by first appointment of the day.

Use the Show Today's Past Appointments switch to choose whether appointments scheduled for the current date once the appointment's time has passed. By default this option is enabled.

If the Show All Providers Appointments switch is enabled, you will see all appointments for the practice. If it is disabled (set to Off), only appointments associated with your user (based on the provider set in the Appointment window) will be shown. If you are not set up as a provider in MacPractice make sure this option is set to On.

The Show My Resources Only switch determines which resources you can see in the Schedule. If enabled, the iPad interface will only display your resource's appointments. If you are not set up as a provider in MacPractice or if you are not associated to a resource make sure this option is disabled, otherwise you will not see any information.


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