iEHR - Template Options

Tap and hold any template side-tab to access the Template Options menu.

  • View Narrative displays the Narrative for the current form.
  • Narrative History is a hierarchical menu item from which a Narrative History sub-menu will display. Select any result to view the template as it appeared on the listed date and time, or tap the Snapshot button to create a new snapshot of the narrative.
  • Lock permanently locks the form so that it is no longer editable. The M icon will be replaced with the lock icon, and only Annotations will be available in the Section Header menu (accessible through the inspector (i) icon).
  • Archive will archive the form, stowing the form away once you're done actively using it. If you ever need to unarchive a form, navigate to the File Menu > Retrieve Archive > EHR Patient Form.
  • Close Without Save closes the form without saving data to the template.
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