iEHR - Incident View

Tap the Incident View side-tab, with the (+) icon, to access a patient's Incident Management page. Incident View displays all of a patient's existing Incidents and any related templates.

In iEHR, templates are added to Incidents. Incident View will be used to select an incident and any associated templates, or add new incidents and templates. To add a new Incident to the Incident View, tap the Tap to add Incident button and enter the new incident name, then tap the Done button.

The No Incident Association area displays templates to which there has been no Incident associated. Tap the exclamation point on a template result and select any incident from the Select Incident menu to associate the template.

Tap the Add Template to Incident button under any incident to add a template to the incident. From the Choose Template menu, tap one of the available templates to add it to the incident. The template will then be accessible as a side-tab whenever this incident is selected.

The Choose Template menu can also be used to pull data from any previous forms to the new template. Toggle the Automatically Pull Data switch to ON to pull a previous forms' data to the new template. Pulling Data options can be set for each section in Template View. The Choose Template menu is also used to access the Template Library and import new iEHR templates.

Tap the Inspector (i) icon to toggle Auto-Save of the pulled data to On or Off.

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