Clipboard - HIPAA Information and Consent Form

If the patient's HIPAA Release field is set to None under the Patient tab, within the Insurance sub-tab in MacPractice, the HIPAA Information and Consent form will display. The patient can electronically sign the HIPAA release form by tapping on the signature line. A signature box will appear for the patient to sign within the square. Click Cancel to remove the signature box, Clear to clear any existing marks, or Done to finish signing.

The patient can also refuse to sign the release by advancing to the next page without signing. On the resulting notification, the patient can select to Sign (to bring up the signature box), Refuse to Sign (to advance to the Review page), or Cancel (return to the form).

If your office has not purchased the Attachments Ability, the Images Ability will be available at no cost. Once the patient submits their HIPAA and Consent Form, the narrative of the submitted form will be available under the Patient Images node. 

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