Clipboard - Review

If the practice has the EHR Ability enabled, completed patient forms will display within EHR rather than a Clipboard Ability. Otherwise, completed patient forms will appear in the Clipboard Ability in MacPractice as a narrative.
HIPAA Release Forms, Clinical Intake forms, and so on, display within the Clipboard Ability sorted by Incident. If a patient form is not already associated to an Incident, it will appear in the Documents Without Incidents node. To associate the patient form with an incident, click the form and drag it to any Incident node.

To view a snapshot of any narrative, set the Narrative menu to the desired snapshot. Snapshots are created each time a Patient Form is saved.
From the resulting menu, select the specific Snapshot or Current Narrative.

The Template Library within the Clipboard displays the same Clipboard Forms accessible through the iPad. To download a new template, or update an existing template, highlight the template and clink the Install button. You can also preview the template as an interactive example in the Preview tab.

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