Clipboard - iOS Preferences

Download the MacPractice Clipboard app for iPad from the Apple App store. Select the Clipboard app which matches the current MacPractice version as found in the MacPractice menu under About MacPractice. To use Clipboard 5, your MacPractice Server version must also be MacPractice version 5.0 and the iPad must use iOS7.

Guided Access can be used as a security feature to keep the iPad locked on the Clipboard app. Set up Guided Access in the iPad Settings, under the General item, within the Accessibility menu. Guided Access is located under the Learning option. Tap the On/Off toggle to turn Guided Access on. Next, tap the Set Passcode button to set a 4 digit passcode that will be used to exit Guided Access within the app.
To turn Guided Access on within the Clipboard App, open the app and triple click the iPad's Home button at the bottom of the iPad. Next, tap the Start button to return to the app. The iPad will now only display the Clipboard app. To exit Guided Access, triple click the Home button and enter the Passcode.
The Passcode differs from the Clipboard Unlock Pin in that the Passcode will unlock the iPad, while the Clipboard Unlock Pin will unlock the Clipboard app after a patient completes the selected forms. Neither of these codes should be a combination that might easily be guessed by patients.
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