MacPractice User Conference

The MacPractice User Conference is taking a hiatus in 2019. However, here are some FREE training and networking options we'd love to have you join instead! 
  • Academy Tracks: No travel needed! 
    • Each staff member can learn the entire workflow tailored to their user role.
  • Videos of Academy: No conflicts in scheduling! 
    • If you're busy during the live presentations, Academy Tracks are recorded and you can watch the whole series on demand. 
  • Office Connect & Share: No worrying whether your specialty will be there! 
    • Offices can use this forum to post questions, comments, workflow conversations, and more. Training team will post replies to all of your topics and we will reach out to past conference attendees for their input. 
  • Learning About Gen 10 and New Features: No wait necessary!
    • Many offices come to learn about new parts of the software. We are working to ensure that there are videos (typically a demo and a training) for these topics so you don't have to wait to see it.
Sadly, there won't be conference food or any speeches during any of these options. 
If you miss the time spent with your favorite trainers, you can book Chantel or Amanda for an onsite training too! 
Please email or call the Training team if you have any questions or concerns. 
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