EHR - Template Interoperability

The benefit of using EHR forms is the interoperability that is built into the form. The MacPractice Suite will allow the office to use a form across several platforms - on the patient portal with online registration, the iPad using the Clipboard application for patients and the iEHR application for clinicians, and on the desktop using the EHR ability.

By default, all EHR forms are accessible within the EHR ability and the iEHR application. Templates can be made Available in Clipboard and the Portal within the EHR Template Node. Simply select the template and check the boxes enabling the form for the Clipboard Application or the Portal. MacPractice will alert the user if a section is not available for the either option. Simply remove the unavailable section and try enable the form for patient use.  
Sections can also be adjusted to only show certain fields on the clipboard or patient portal. Use the Field Details panel to hide a field from clipboard. The section will show on the form, except for the fields that have been hidden. 
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