EHR - Custom Templates by MacPractice

MacPractice Corporate can an create custom templates for the office by request. The EMR department can be contacted by calling 877.220.8418 or by email at Forms can be created for the rate of $150 per hour for standard forms. Sometimes a form can be shared to other offices allowing the form to be discounted to $75 per hour. To jumpstart the creation process it is recommended to include all of the forms that need created. It is best to type the information on a computer and send the document as a PDF. This will allow the template specialist to copy and paste the text saving the office time and money. Hand-written materials are strongly discouraged as it is prone to errors during the transcribing process. 

The office will be sent a file once the specialist is complete with the first draft of the form. This file will end with the extension .itpl. Simply place this file onto a computer with MacPractice installed and double click to launch the installation process.

MacPractice will open the EHR Template Importer. This window will allow the user to view a written summary of the EHR form. Switch to the preview tab to interact with the form before installing into MacPractice. Click the Install button to add this template to the database. MacPractice will confirm that the template was imported correctly. 


The Templates Node can be used to archive the template from the database if needed. 

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