EHR - Lock a Patient Form

Locking a patient form is a very important step in the EHR workflow. Locking the form finalize the EHR record and show only the narrative of the form. This step should be completed immediately after the provider has completed and signed the form. Locking the form will revoke access from all users to modify or change this document. Locking an EHR form is very simple. Select the EHR form from an incident folder in MacPractice. Once the form has completely loaded, navigate to the form header and click the padlock icon. 


MacPractice will prompt with an alert to confirm that the form should be locked. Once the lock button has been selected, the form will only show the narrative view. If there is an error in the form, a new form can be created to pull the data forward to be corrected. The incorrect form can be archived by selecting the red minus in the sidebar. This will allow the staff to see a history of the changes in the locked forms. 

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