EHR Template Editor - Text Block Element

The Text Block is very similar to the Text Label, yet is much more versatile. This element can be used to create consent type forms and includes the ability to infuse many different types of formatting such as bold, italics, paragraph breaks, and headers.

Hide from Clipboard: This will keep the Element in your Section, and the Section will still appear on the form, but if it is a field that would normally pull onto the Clipboard, you can select this box to prevent the information from pulling.

Text Block: Anything you type here will appear on the form as text.

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    Leighton Heusinger

    This should include a bit more information. If a person comes to this article we should be walking them through step by step of adding this field. It needs to include clicking the add field button and selecting the Text Block Section. There are many many instructions that can be added, Bold, Italics, Font Size, Color, Lists. All of this information is included in the Help Video for this section -