EHR Template Editor - Segmented Control

Segmented Control elements serve as a quick way to select a simple answer for a question. The buttons can be custom labeled. The narrative can show a much more sizable explanation of the item selected.

There are two checkboxes you can select for this element:

  • Required: This makes the Element a field that has to be filled in before there person filling out the Form can move on. Required fields appear in red text.
  • Hide from Clipboard: This will keep the Element in your Section, and the Section will still appear on the form, but if it is a field that would normally pull onto the Clipboard, you can select this box to prevent the information from pulling.


Show Label
This checkbox dictates whether or not the Segmented Control Name appears on the form (Note: if this box is checked you will only be able to use 3 options instead of 4)

LabelThis is the name that appears on the button.

NarrativeThis is the text that appears when that specific option is selected.

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