EHR Template Editor - Popup

This element is simialar to the checkbox element. This element will have several options in a single line. Popups can be made static which means that the selections are set and cannot be changed. Dynamic popups means that choices can be added or removed from the element. Dynamic popups are a great way to build a form on the fly.

There are two checkboxes you can select for this element:

  • Required: This makes the Element a field that has to be filled in before there person filling out the Form can move on. Required fields appear in red text.
  • Hide from Clipboard: This will keep the Element in your Section, and the Section will still appear on the form, but if it is a field that would normally pull onto the Clipboard, you can select this box to prevent the information from pulling.


Popover Title

This is the title of the Popover menu that appears on the link.

List Edibility
This can be set to either Static or Dynamic. If it is set to Dynamic, then a user can add new items to the list at any time.

Popup List
This is a list of presets that appear in the popup window. You can create it so that when you choose a line item, it automatically imports the set text you have assigned with that option.

  • Import: This button allows you to import a list that was made with a text editor. Be aware that this only works when importing a list from a text editor, anything else will not appear in the proper format.
  • Sort: This sorts your list alphabetically. You will receive a popup asking you to verify that you want to make the change.
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