EHR Template Editor - Checkbox

This element can be used to indicate that a patient consents to a procedure or policy. The checkbox can also be used on the clinical side to indicate procedures or tests performed by the staff.

There are two checkboxes you can select for this element:

  • Required: This makes the Element a field that has to be filled in before there person filling out the Form can move on. Required fields appear in red text.
  • Hide from Clipboard: This will keep the Element in your Section, and the Section will still appear on the form, but if it is a field that would normally pull onto the Clipboard, you can select this box to prevent the information from pulling.


Checked by Default
: This box ensures that the no matter what, the checkbox you're creating will start off in a "checked" status.

Checked Narrative: This is the text that is displayed on the form when the box is checked. This can be anything you want from a simple statement to a detailed note.

Unchecked Narrative: This is text that will display on the form when the box is not checked. It works exactly like the Checked Narrative, it just won't display unless the checkbox is unchecked.

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