EHR - Incidents

A user can filter the patient's clinical summary by selecting an incident in the sidebar. The incident will display all the items that are related or tied to the selection. Click any links within the summary to be taken to the corresponding file within MacPractice. 

Notice that the sidebar will display all of the current incidents within the patient's chart. When needed, a new incident can easily be created within the EHR ability by selecting + Add New Incident. This incident will be created across the entire patient's chart and not just the EHR ability. 

The incident details will be shown at the top of the details screen within MacPractice. The Name can be updated as well as the incident date. If this was the first time that the patient was seen in the office, be sure to check the box notating that this was the First Encounter. If the patient was referred into the office, be sure to select add a New Referral Record from the popup. Based on the workflow in the office, the Incident can also be exported using direct messaging or uploaded to the patient portal

Not only do incidents show a filtered clinical summary, but they also contain the EHR forms for the patient. Simply click the green plus in the sidebar to select a new EHR template for the patient. This will add the form into the selected incident within the sidebar. 


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