Time Clock - Clocking In, Out, or On Break

To clock In, Out, or On Break, click the option on the segmented button located at the bottom of the MacPractice Window.

The time will display Current Time/Total For the Pay Period.

The Time Clock Entries Window will display. This window can also be found through the Mac OS Status Bar, provided the preference to display it has been enabled.

Clocking to 'Break' will registered as paid time off depending on the Time Clock Preferences that are set.

Time Clock Window

Clicking Show Window will bring up the Time Clock Window. This window is a running log of the time clocked in.

The drop down menu consists of Today, Yesterday and This Pay Week. Depending on which is selected, it will display the times a person is clocked in, clocked break, or clocked out.

Checking the Show At Login ensures that the Time Clock Window will appear every time MacPractice is logged into.

Total Regular displays the amount of time logged in that is not attributed to a break.

Total Break is the amount of time spent clocked out to break.

Vested Break is the amount of break time that is included in the allowed break time as set in Preferences.

Total Time is the total time clocked in, including breaks.

Logged times can be found in the following reports: Accounting Summary, All Records, Clock In.

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