Optical - Extracting the Heidelberg Bridge to the PC

Go to MacPractice Preferences > Optical Bridges > Install Bridge.

You will see the Extracting Bridge Installer message after your press Install Bridge, press Continue. You should see that the MPBridgeInstaller.exe has been copied over successfully.

*The Screenshot states M: drive but that is typical for the DR bridges, not so much for the Heidelberg Bridge.*

You will need to go to the shared network drive on the PC, there you will see the installer that was copied over. Proceed to run the installation and map the MacPractice Bridge Preferences.

On the Windows side, if you do not see the bridge come up, go to:

Windows Start Menu > All Programs > MacPracticeBridge

Open the folder and launch the application. Next, go to:

File > Preferences > Select > Computer > (the mounted drive that was mapped with the Mac's IP address)

It may look similar to this:

WindowsBridge( (H:)

In the MacPractice Bridge Preferences window, click the Select button and choose the shared folder that was created.

You can create a subfolder within the WindowsBridge mapped network drive for importing purposes.

This is the same folder that you will need to point the Imaging ability to. Ideally the folder is just called MacPractice.

In MacPractice Preferences > Imaging > General > Auto Import, add the path by pressing the plus sign and navigating to it. After adding in the directory click on the enabled button.

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