Optical - Optical References

Before using the Optical Ability, it is recommended to set up optical references ahead of time. They include:
  • Contact Color
  • Contact Lens Company
  • Contact Lens Name
  • Contact Lens Type
  • Contact Material
  • Frame Collection
  • Frame Company
  • Lens Color
  • Lens Material

Select the respective node in the sidebar and click the green plus button above to create a new record. Enter the appropriate name for the record, and save the changes by going up to the Edit menu and selecting Save Record, or by using the Command-S keyboard shortcut. This record will now be selectable when creating an Optical prescription. Repeat the process for the rest of the optical references.

While it is recommended to setup optical references ahead of time, it is not required. This information can be entered on the fly as prescriptions are created. As information is entered into prescription popup boxes the information will be saved to the respective optical reference
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