Clinical Quality Measures Report - Cataracts: Complications within 30 Days Following Cataract Surgery Requiring Additional Surgical Procedures

Percentage of patients aged 18 years and older with a diagnosis of uncomplicated cataract who had a cataract surgery and had any of a specified list of surgical procedures in the 30 days following cataract surgery which would indicate the occurrence of any of the following major complications: retained nuclear fragments, endophthalmitis, dislocated or wrong IOL, retinal detachment, or wound dehiscence.

A patient will be in the denominator when they have all of the following- 

  • An age 18 or older
  • A cataract surgery within your reporting period

A patient will be in the numerator when they have all of the following- 

**Note- the fewer patients you have in your numerator, the better your score for this measure**

  • Any of the following procedures within 30 days of the cataract surgery- Removal Procedures, Paracentesis Procedures, Excision of Adhesions, Aspiration and Injection Procedures, Lens Procedures, Vitreous Procedures, Retinal Repair Procedures, Scleral Procedures, Revision Procedures

A patient will be in the exclusions when they have any one of the following- 

  • Procedures- Prior Parn Plana Vitrectomy
  • Diagnoses- Acute and Subacute Iridocyclitis, Adhesions and Disruptions of Iris and Ciliary Body, Central Corneal Ulcer, Burn Confined to Eye and Adnexa, Pseudoexfoliation Syndrome, Senile Cataract, Hypotony of Eye, Cataract Secondary to Ocular Disorders, High Hyperopia, Injury to Optic Nerve and Pathways, Cataract Congenital, Cysts if Iris, Ciliary Body, and Anterior Chamber, Glaucoma, Cataract Mature or Hypermature, Traumatic Cataract, Cataract Posterior Polar, Pathologic Myopia, Open Wound of Eyeball, Certain Types of Iridocyclitis, Vascular Disorders of Tiric and Ciliary Body, Hereditary Corneal Dystrophies, Enophthalmos, Uveitis, Chronic Iridocyclitis, Corneal Opacity and other Disorders of Cornea, Cloudy Cornea, Posterior Lenticonus, Aphakia and other Disorders of Lens, Corneal Edema, Retrolental Fibroplasias, Anomalies of Puillary Function
  • Medications- Use of Systemic Sympathetic alpha-1a Antagonist Medicatiton for Treatment of Prostatic Hypertrophy
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