Perio 2 Task Guide

The Task Guide documents specific Tasks for using the Perio 2 Ability. For information on a specific part of Perio 2, see the User Interface Guide.

Where can I find a list of keyboard shortcuts in Perio 2?
A list of keyboard shortcuts for both Surface (Arch) Notations and Tooth Notation Points can be found in the Notation Point Settings section. The keyboard shortcuts for notation points are also included within the Clinical Terminology section.

Within the Perio 2 Ability, you may reference the keyboard shortcut for any notation with the Notation Point Settings popover. Click the ? icon to view a tooltip for that notation, included the keyboard shortcut.

How is terminology used in Perio 2 defined?
Clinical terminology and corresponding definitions may vary by dental school, region, and even specialty. In most circumstances, the Perio 2 Ability uses the clinical guidelines and terminology maintained by the American Academy of Periodontology (AAP) when notating a patient's Perio Chart and calculating Notation Point relationships. See the Clinical Terminology section for a glossary of these terms.

A thorough Glossary of Periodontal Terms and clinical guidelines is maintained by the American Academy of Periodontology (AAP).

How can I navigate a Perio 2 chart using a hands-free foot pedal?
The onscreen Perio Control Panel is designed for use with hands-free devices. Specifically, the Data Entry Panel and Navigation Panel are especially helpful for capturing data with the Dental R.A.T. device. When using a mouse or the Dental R.A.T. to capture periodontal values, note that positive entry value is the default state, and one must toggle on a negative value with the negative (-) button on the Data Entry Panel.

How can I compare Perio Charts?
When multiple perio records are present, the Perio Chart node will display a perio visit comparison which displays the differences within the charts. The view can be modified to compare the perio records as a table based report or graphical overview. It is also possible to filter the comparison to display only specific notation types, visits, and a range of charts from defined dates.

See the Compare Perio Visits section for more information on these settings.

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